Genevieve Castree at Skylight Book Shop 2013

Canadian Artist, Cartoonist, Writer and Musician Presented Her Book “Susceptible”

SuseptibleGenevieve Castree 1981-2016

Her tragic early death at age 35 in 2016 was shocking to her fans.  She waged a heroic battle against pancreatic cancer.  It seems so unfair that such a talented young woman would be taken away.  The Comics Journal ran a nice article about her life and work, click here to read it.  The video from Skylight shows a shy, young lady, who had a fascinating story of  her growing up in Canada, which she managed to illustrate in a charming cartoon book format.  Click on the box below to watch this wonderful talk by Genevieve.


Templar The Graphic Novel

Jordan Mechner at Skylight Books for Reading and Discussion

Jordan_MechnerA hot topic for the last decade or so has been the times and events surrounding the legendary group of knights from the days of the Crusades, called the Knights Templar.  This religious and military order first started as guardians to those going to the Holy Land during the Crusades.  Over the years it evolved into a much larger and more powerful organization.  The Templars spread over Europe, and became the first “bankers”, transferring money, safeguarding gold and silver, and loaning money, something that only Jews and Lombards could do at the time.  Since the Templars were authorized by the Church and the Pope, they operated in many lands and crossed the borders of all European states.  Its members were from the noble families of Europe, men who took a vow of poverty to serve Christ and Christians as Knights of the Temple.

Templar book coverMany fascinating books have come from exploring this era, including “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, and many others from authors including best-selling author Dan Brown.  Spinning a story based on the real Templars, Jordan Mechner has brought the era to the graphic novel with his two artist co-authors LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland in a 480 page color book.  Here’s the story synopsis:

Martin is one of a handful of Templar Knights to escape when the King of France and the Pope conspire to destroy the noble order. The King aims to frame the Templars for heresy, execute all of them, and make off with their legendary treasure. That’s the plan, anyway, but Martin and several other surviving knights mount a counter-campaign to regain the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

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Gilbert Hernandez – “How I Got Started In Comics”

Gilbert Hernandez Discusses the Comics and Artists Who Influenced Him

Love and Rockets Brothers At Skylight Book Shop in Hollywood!


DSC_1035 Gil and Marble bookBeloved cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez (LOVE & ROCKETS) launched his new D+Q graphic novel MARBLE SEASON, at Skylight Bookshop in Hollywood to a packed room of his fans and comic readers. Hernandez presented a fascinating slide show “From Funnybooks to Graphic Novels” featuring the comics of his childhood.  In addition, there was a question and answer session with fans and a book signing. (Some signed copies may still be available at Skylight).  The silver age comics he read as a child not only influenced MARBLE SEASON, but also set the course for Gilbert, as well as his brothers Jaime and Mario, to become the legendary comics creators they are today.

Marble Season is his first graphic novel for Drawn & Quarterly

MARBLE SEASON is the first ever semi-autobiographical novel by acclaimed cartoonist 200px-LoveAndRockets31Gilbert Hernandez of Love & Rockets, and is also his first graphic novel for Drawn & Quarterly. Meet Huey. He’s the middle child of a big family, growing up in a California suburb in the 1960s. He stages Captain America plays in the backyard and treasures his older brother’s comic-book collection almost as much as his approval. Set against the golden age of the American dream and the silver age of comics, MARBLE SEASON is a subtle and deft rumination on the redemptive and timeless power of storytelling and world-building in childhood.

“Perhaps no other current creators of comics recognize (or vividly remember) the ways actual kids think, talk, or even stand and walk as accurately as the Hernandez brothers, and no other comics artists so delicately intertwine moments of childhood trauma with the goofy logic that otherwise sustains kids when they begin to sense that they live in an irrational world.”—from the afterword by Corey Creekmur

“Gilbert Hernandez is one of the great craftsmen of modern comics.”—New York Times

Praise for Palomar: “These deeply influential tales, a sort of Archie-comics-meets-Marquez melange of complicated pan-American inter-relationships, are a comix epic.”—Time

Praise for Gilbert Hernandez: “He…[should]…be considered one of the greatest American storytellers. It’s so hard to do funny, tragic, local and epic, and he does all simultaneously, and with great aplomb.”—Junot Diaz, Los Angeles TIMES

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Gabrielle Bell at Skylight Books

Alternative Cartoonist and Graphic Novelist Gabrielle Bell reads from 4 of her recent stories at Skylight Books.

Gabrielle Bell was born in Britain but raised in California.  Now living in Brooklyn, NY, she came to Hollywood to promote her new book “The Voyeurs.”  The pretty, lanky, and somewhat shy Ms. Bell presented a slide show of four wonderful, funny stories that have either appeared in her new book or in recent comic collections. When asked about who inspired her, she answered that Joe Frank was a big influence on her.  Most of us who lived in California the last few decades feel the same way: the brilliant Joe Frank touched all of us in his absolutely genius way.  Gabrielle’s charming, thoughtful stories will also touch you. And make you laugh!  Check at Skylight Books, they may still have a few copies of her new book signed, give them a call.  If you missed the event, no problem, Big Fun Video was there to film it for us, just click on the window below!  Thanks Gabrielle for a great fun evening!

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New Yorker Cartoonist Adrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine Presentation at Skylight Books

Popular graphic artist and New Yorker cartoonist Adrian Tomine came to Hollywood recently and gave a funny slide show of his work that has appeared in the New Yorker magazine.  He also discussed how he got started as a cartoonist with New Yorker and his struggles with balancing work and having time for his new daughter.  After the slide show and questions he signed books, a few copies may still be available at Skylight Books, give them a call to verify.  Big Fun Video was on hand to tape the event, click below to watch the entire slide show, complete with the questions and answers segment.

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What Are You Laughing At?

Dan O’Shannon hits the turf at Skylight Books in Hollywood and gives an excellent slide show that goes deeply into the mechanics of humor.  What is funny?  Why is a joke or bit funny one time and not another?  What makes the comedic event?  A television writer on many of the greatest comedy shows like Cheers, Dan knows humor and his new book is a  very detailed study of humor and comedy, not a collection of jokes.  This is serious study for anyone who wants to approach the subject of writing for movies, television, or even for stand-up acts.  Check out the event:

Skylight Books still has some signed copies of the book, click here:  Buy Book