Where The Funnymen Performed in Old Hollywood



TUESDAY, APRIL 23rd @ 7:30 pm @ the Larry Edmunds Bookshop-STOOGES!

A few years back I attended an evening at Hollywood Heritage w/ a Stoogephile from Philly named Jim Pauley doing a presentation on the film locations of the 3 Stooges. It was fantastic, and I began to bug Jim about why all his research and photos were not a book. Now they are! Behold, “The Three Stooges-Hollywood Film Locations”, a beautiful coffee book to take you to from the Columbia Ranch to the “Stooges steps” and all points in between. If that is not enough to entice you, we’ll have special guest Beverly Warren, who appears in the short, “Three Loan Wolves” which we’ll show and she’ll talk about working w/ the boys and she’ll be signing photos too! Slowly you should turn, step by step, and make your way to Larry Edmunds Bookshop next Tuesday for a night of Stooges.

Jeff, Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Watch “Three Loan Wolves” on youtube, click here.



What Are You Laughing At?

Dan O’Shannon hits the turf at Skylight Books in Hollywood and gives an excellent slide show that goes deeply into the mechanics of humor.  What is funny?  Why is a joke or bit funny one time and not another?  What makes the comedic event?  A television writer on many of the greatest comedy shows like Cheers, Dan knows humor and his new book is a  very detailed study of humor and comedy, not a collection of jokes.  This is serious study for anyone who wants to approach the subject of writing for movies, television, or even for stand-up acts.  Check out the event:

Skylight Books still has some signed copies of the book, click here:  Buy Book