American Kids Bombarded With Sick Games

Crazy Games For Kids Outrage Parents!

Here’s Gooey Louie, a game to teach kids how to pick their nose!  In fact, the game wants kids to pick somebody else’s nose!  This disgusting game is the last thing parents want to teach their kids.  The parents need to teach their kids to keep their hands to themselves and it is not OK to stick you dirty finger into some other kids nose!

Here’s the back cover of Gooey Louie showing the kids how to jam their fingers into someone else’s nose.  What goofy parent would ever allow their child to play with this disgusting game?  Well, look at the behavior of kids and their Woke parents next time you go to Walmart.  No wonder so many folks are still wearing masks on their face, they aren’t afraid of catching Covid, they just don’t want to end up like Gooey Louie with some Woke nutcase putting a finger up their nose!


The next nutty game is Picky Kitty.  This crazy game teaches kids how not to eat their vegetable’s.  Picky Kitty does not like veggies, so when you put them on his plate he blasts the whole tray on the floor.  What a thing to teach your kid!  Parents are outraged!

Kids have a great time with this one, seeing the hated veggies going all over the place!  Parents know if the kids don’t eat their veggies they will grow up to be big fat slobs eating junk food all day.  We sure wonder who is behind this kind of game?  Could it be the junk food industry?


Here’s another doozy!  Pop The Pig.  This sick game has kids feeding the poor pig so much fast food that he explodes!  Of course, as kids grow up they will think it is OK to feed their own kids and friends junk food until they get carted off to the hospital, or just get so fat they literally explode.  What lunacy!

Here’s the back cover of this sick game showing how kids win if they feed poor piggy so much food he literally explodes.  Reminds us of the famous Monty Python schtick about Mr. Creosote who ate so much he blows up in the restaurant.  Maybe they got the idea from Pop The Pig!


And then there’s Chow Crown, another ridiculous game.  In this one, the kids put on a crown which is electronic and spins around. Snacks are put on a spoon like device and kids are to try to slurp them off the spoon as it spins around. Not only does this teach kids to eat more junk food, but they could be physically damaged or maybe even cut by the spinning spoons.  This is wacky!

The kid who eats the most junk food is the winner!  You have to eat fast before the song ends.


And just when you think things are sick enough, along comes Toilet Paper Blaster.  This game let’s kids shoot toilet paper wads at each other.  We all remember the supply chain problems when parents went to the market and could not even buy any toilet paper.  It’s a cinch that parents would not want their kids to take precious toilet paper and mess up the whole house with wads of sticky paper.  Just how sick can American kids get?  Millions of people around the world cannot even afford toilet paper and would flip out watching video of American kids blasting each other with it.


Our Amazing Volcanos looks like an interesting game to teach kids about earth sciences.  Our only comment is that we hope it doesn’t set the whole house on fire!


Now here’s a great one, a Condom Cannon, that looks like a sling shot type of thing that shoots strange little pellets.  Read the liner notes for the sick information about this weird item.  And we thought condoms were for a certain other purpose!


And to top it all off, to finish off any semblance of pride and self esteem your kid may have, just buy him or her a poop bag to carry their toys around in, or maybe the delicious lunch you made for them!