Swami Anaconda Answers the Question “Who Are We?”

Q: Who are we?

IMGP0037_2A: Spirits—a.k.a. infinite consciousness–having a human experience.

Q: Why?

A: Why not?

Q: Please explain?

A: Explain what?

Q: The purpose of the experience?

A: Simple. The purpose of the experience is to experience.

Q: Then what?

A: Nothing. Everything. Whatever you choose.

Q: What is spirit?

A: That which is not your “meat suit” self.IMGP0001_2

Q: What is self?

A: The child of spirit. That which is egoic, in the learning phase with diapers on.

Q: What is their relationship to one another?

A: The spirit or soul self is who we are at our deepest, purest essence. It is the wise elder who gives birth to the baby self with smelly diapers, the 3D representation of who we are in order to learn through experiential devices.

Q: When does the learning phase take place?

A: When the child begins to question its experience. The soul is careful not to jump the gun and is in a constant state of patient availability.

Q: How do we learn?

A: Mainly through experiences put before us by spirit to enhance our awareness.

Q: What is real?

A: Whatever we perceive to be real. But at the same time we can choose not to accept anything as real. We can choose to live in truth and accept all things as pure illusion. Regardless, it is always impermanent, transitory.

Q: Is there a purpose to all of this?

A: Only if we choose to need a purpose.

Q: Are we all one?

A: It depends.IMGP0099

Q: On what?

A: Our perspective.

Q: Please explain?

A: We can look at the ocean and see one gigantic body of water. Or we can separate the droplets one by one.

Q: Is there a heaven and hell?

A: Yes and no. They are ephemeral constructs to subjugate the mind. You create your own reality. Therefore it is your choice whether or not they truly exist.

Q: Do we choose our experiences?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Then why do so many choose to focus on negative experiences?

A: Because.

Q: Because what?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Why don’t you know?

A: Because I choose not to.IMGP0001_2

And there you have it, Q & A with Swami Anaconda. Okay, time to go take an illusory pee…



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