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Humor For The Fun Of It….

This blog is dedicated to humor.  There’s a lot of very funny people in this country, unfortunately none of them write for this blog.  One reason is that the guy who runs it, Charlie Bazooka, is an old wino who can’t rub two nickles together.  We used to have a few jokes from the great R.J. Johnson, his left-overs that Leno didn’t use, but R.J. died years ago, and here we are, an abandoned field of mud.  Yeah, we said years of just stupid, insipid crap, but that’s what spills out of a wine bottle when it turns.

If you want some really funny things, just read the real news, or listen to the buffoons on CNN.  Now that’s funny.  All they do is talk about the Orange Game Show Host.  Almost all day and night.  They even have panels of goof balls blabbering about Mr. Orange.  Really, screaming funny, just turn off the sound and watch them.  The stupid thing is that big corporations are pumping advertising millions into the network.  Hey, pump some bucks in here you dumpster daisies, maybe we could say something funny.

Anyway, get ready, there’s a circus train load of laughs coming down the tracks. Only not these tracks, cause yer on the wrong train, bub!  So F off!!

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