Clown of the Year Award 2020

Dr. Claire Poche of the Oregon Health Authority Wins the Coveted Award for the Most Tasteless Video While Reading Covid 19 Deaths

Several officials of the Oregon Health Authority dressed in clown outfits to read the sick and death toll of the week and warn their constituency to beware of Halloween activities.

Dr. Vladimir Spookovsky, lead scientist at the Serbian Institute of Advanced Subliminal Studies in Belgrade, said that he believes the entire video is nothing more than a mind-control experiment to put fear of the virus into the minds of the public. “Dressing up to resemble “The Joker”, the evil clown in Batman, will scare the living daylights out of everyone.  Reading the death rolls and sick statistics is extremely frightening.  This is very advanced subliminal mind control activity, brilliant really.  Then another health person in a weird outfit starts telling kids to avoid regular Halloween activities.  This will cause extreme ongoing trauma in young children.  Even my Russian colleagues at the Moscow Advanced Brain and Brainless Population Research Society were astounded!”



The award was given by Charlie Bazooka, of the American Cartoonist and Visual Arsonist Society annual meeting in Lagos, Nigeria.  “It is very well deserved and I congratulate the Oregon Health Authority for their creative and totally tasteless video, which is sure to become a classic and set a high standard that will stand for decades.”

How Facebook is Killing Comedy

Funny or Die Hit With Layoffs

An important article on comedy website, analyses how Facebook is destroying comedy sites.  The article charges Facebook with running a “payola scam” and that they have re-invented the web by designing a “centrally designed internet” that serves to make profit for FB but there is actually no money for developers of content and the creative folks who are actually making funny content.  Below is a clip from this article, the link to read the entire article on Splitsider follows the clip:

Last month, in its second round of layoffs in as many years, comedy hub Funny or Die reportedly eliminated its entire editorial team following a trend of comedy websites scaling back, shutting down, or restructuring their business model away from original online content. 

Hours after CEO Mike Farah delivered the news via an internal memo, Matt Klinman took to Twitter, writing, “Mark Zuckerberg just walked into Funny or Die and laid off all my friends.” It was a strong sentiment for the longtime comedy creator, who started out at UCB and The Onion before launching Pitch, the Funny or Die-incubated joke-writing app, in 2017.

But Klinman explained in a thread: “There is simply no money in making comedy online anymore. Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy and we need to fucking talk about it.”

We’re not sure about you, but that certainly piqued our interest. We sat down with Klinman to fucking talk about it (and just a note–these opinions are his, and he’s speaking for himself and not on behalf of Funny or Die).

So: What happened at Funny or Die?

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Gravity Wins Over Little Dozer

Little Dozer Gets Stuck in a Hole and……

hey, the fence is supposed to stay!  Watch the little dozer take out about 20 feet of wooden fencing before flipping and crashing on it’s side.  The driver was a lucky guy.  And since it landed in someone else’s parking lot, the boys had to flip it back right-side up.  Building a swimming pool is sure a lot of fun!