Noah’s Ark Found on Mars

NASA Claims Debris Is From Ancient UFO Crash

California Scientist Says the Famous Flood Story Actually Happened on Mars!

Remains of Noah’s Ark Photographed on Mars by NASA

Noah’s Ark has been found on Mars.  Photos released by NASA rover show the ship is buried in sand inside a crater.  NASA scientists are speculating that the object is actually the remains of an ancient UFO crash.  These scientists have stated that they have seen similar evidence on Earth, which is itself a revelation, as NASA has for decades denied the existence of Extra Terrestrial Life.

Meanwhile, a California Scientist and UFO Researcher P. Edward Hunt has determined that the object is actually the long-lost Noah’s Ark.  Dr. Hunt explained to a press conference that the Flood actually occurred on Mars many thousands of years ago.  A rogue planet entering our solar system brushed Mars and stripped off most of the water on the planet.  The ancient Martian civilization had pinned its hopes on a Martian King named No-ah Man.  He saved samples of all life forms on the planet, but when the water from the flood was sucked into space, the ark was buried in the sands of Mars.


Dr. P. Edward Hunt photographed at a Los Angeles UFO meeting in 2014

Dr. Hunt, a member of the Ancient Order of Dissident Scientists, explained that when Elon Musk gets to Mars, he should immediately go to the site of Noah’s Ark, where Hunt claims that much of the DNA of ancient Martian life forms and animals may still exist inside the Ark.  “Think of it this way,” said Dr. Hunt, “The mud from the debris and evaporated water formed a cocoon around the ship, sealing everything inside and protecting it from the elements for the last 25,000 years”.  Hunt believes that the remains of No-Ah will also be found.  “The Martians were in some ways our ancient ancestors, although much shorter and lighter due to gravitational differences.” explained Hunt.

This astounding archeological find on another planet will change our history, many scientists believe.  NASA spokesmen scoffed at the idea of Noah’s Ark.  They said that remarks from “Renegade, Rogue UFO scientists like Hunt are ridiculous”.   Elon Musk refused comment on this controversy, saying only “X” will tell.

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