Bazooka Howls for September 30


R. J. Johnson


– The White House has a new slogan about the attacks in the Middle East: Hope and Change Your Story.

– The economy is so bad, people are joining Romney’s 47% just for the ritzy life style.

– Monica Lewinsky is getting 12 million dollars for a book on Bill Clinton. The last time there was this much talk about Monica and Bill, Hillary Clinton got a Senate seat.

– According to a study at the University of Amsterdam, having sex makes your brain grow and you get smarter. Paris Hilton gave the rebuttal.

– A chef in L.A. who killed his wife and slow-cooked her body in a barrel of hot water has been convicted of murder. The reaction from his lawyer? “That’s a crock!

And finally…

So long from Hollywood, where contempt breeds familiarity.



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