Funnyman David Misch

Funnyman David Misch gave a presentation at Book Soup in West Hollywood, discussing his new book, called “Funny – The Book”.  Armed with video clips of some of the funniest moments of television and movie history, he shows how humor operates, starting with the apes and monkeys (hey, they laugh, too), and dissecting the mechanisms of the human brain and psyche to find out why we laugh.  What do we think is funny?  And why do we laugh at things that on the surface, are not funny at all?  His presentation has photos, quotes, studies, and clips from Hollywood films, an entertaining peek into the world of humor and how the average human responds to it.  So sit back, get a glass of wine, light up a cigar, and watch the video.  Click here to view the presentation.

Click here on Book Soup to go to their website to buy the book, or get on over there in person to pick up a signed copy!

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