Jokes To Take Your Mind Off The IRS

by R.J. Johnson


This is true. There’s a plan to open a restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts where the meat, fish and all the other ingredients come from the nearby dumpsters.

1) We’ve had this cooking process for years. They’re called Hot Dogs, right?

2) It’s like day 6 on a Carnival Cruise ship.

3) It’s for those who think Home Town Buffet is way too ritzy

4) Instead of a doggy bag, you get a barf bag.


A guy in Pennsylvania was arrested for shooting a deer with a rifle in a Walmart parking lot. But he had a good excuse. He was broke and he needed a little dough so he could eat.

The Associated Press will no longer use the phrase, “illegal immigrants.” Their new phrase? Walmart employees.

And finally….

 It was 40 years ago this week when a person made the first cell phone call. And you know the callers first words on the cell phone, don’t you? “Hi, I’m in a movie theatre! The other people won’t mind! Let’s chat.”




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