End of October Jokes From R.J. Johnson

– The White House has a new campaign slogan for Libya: 
Hope and Change Your Story.
 –  Mitt Romney caused a bit of a stir when he used the phrase, “having a binder full of women.”  Bill Clinton’s response?  “I like this guy!”
–  A dog in France survived after being poisoned and buried alive after someone saw the ground moving and dug him up.  
Or as they call that in North Korea, the Fall harvest.
– The nearby city of Eagle Rock had a recent election and some people were offered free marijuana to vote.  Voters who were offered the free pot came in three types: The Far Left.  
The Far Right.  And the Far Out.
–  According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, women can use frozen eggs to get pregnant.  
You know what they call the father of a frozen egg, don’t you?  A  Pop-sicle.

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