Who Did Big Boy Grow Up To Be?

World-Wide Speculation on Who Big Boy Became As An Adult?

Was He Andre The Giant, A Famous Wrestler?

Some Think He is Tim Dillon, America’s Funniest Comedian!

Or, Could Big Boy Have Moved To New Zealand and Become The Famous Kim Dotcom, the World’s Greatest Game Hosting Site Owner and Computer Rebel?

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Or None of the Above, Because Cartoon and Comic Book Characters Never Grow Up!!

Contact Us With Your Candidate, Help Us To Solve the Mystery. There’s No Prize, Just the Satisfaction of Educating the World’s Burger Lovers that Big Boy Survives SOMEWHERE because Bob’s is going to REPLACE HIM!!   OMG!!!  WTF!!!  Yes, That’s What We Heard.  So We Hope and Pray that Big Boy Somehow Survived His Gig as a Comic Character and Transitioned to Real Life.  It Would Be The First Time That This Has Happened. Maybe, Just Maybe……When Big Boy Got the Boot From Bob’s, He Said “Enough Of This Comic Book Stuff, I’m Getting Real!”

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