T-Rex Barges Into Skylight Books in Hollywood

T-Rex is Big, He’s Cute, and He’s Trying to Cope With Modern Society

Hugh Murphy and his brother started drawing T-Rex cartoons while doodling on the placemat at a restaurant.  Little did Hugh know what a success Rex would become! When Hugh’s wife started putting the cartoons up on the Tumblr web site, they developed a large following.  This led to the first book of these cartoons, called “T-Rex Trying”, which debuted at Skylight Books Friday February 8, 2013.  If you missed the party, sit back and watch the complete video.  At the end of the presentation is a further slide show of the cartoons, so you are in for plenty of laughs.

Copies of “T-Rex Trying” are available at Skylight Books

Click here to watch the event on youtube:  T-Rex at Skylight

Click on the window below for the embedded version

Contact Skylight for a signed copy of the book “T-Rex Trying”.




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